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The Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses was constituted by the law 3252/2004 as a form of a Public Body and functions as the official professional body representing the nurses. The enrolment of all nurses is compulsory as is done in corresponding chambers overseeing other professions and functions as a regulatory body and the official counselor of the state (Pan-Hellenic Medical Association, Legal Association of Athens, Technical Chamber of Greece etc.)


    In an effort to make the reasons that all nurses should be subscribed to HRBN clear, shown below are the basic goals as presented by the law 3252/2004 and these should be implemented by HRBN:

    • The promotion and development of nursing as an independent and autonomous science and art.
    • The research, analysis and study of nursing matters and the formulation and submission of scientifically documented studies of the various nursing problems in the country.
    • The construction of proposals on nursing matters.
    • The continuous training and educating of nursing staff and the materialization and utilization of training programmes.
    • The participation in materializing programmes which are funded by the European Union or other international organizations.
    • The editing of certificates which are necessary for obtaining a license to practice the nursing profession.
    • The evaluation of the nursing care provided.
    • The representation of our country at international organizations regarding the nursing department.
    • The publication of a journal, an informative bulletin, text books and leaflets so as to inform its members and the public.
    • The study of Medicaid matters and the organization of scientific congresses that are independent or in cooperation with other bodies.
    • The creation of an ethics committee for the nursing profession.
    • The definition and cost assessment of nursing activities.
    • The protection and enhancement of the level of health of the Greek population.


    It is compulsory for members of HRBN to be nurses, in other words they should be graduates of the following:

    1. University level nursing schools
    2. Technical level nursing schools
    3. Former higher school for nursing, visiting nurses belonging to the ministry of health, welfare and social security
    4. Former nursing school “KATEE”
    5. Foreign nursing schools with degrees that are accepted as equivalent to the corresponding Greek schools
    6. Military supreme nursing schools


    HRBN is composed of a Central Administration, which is located in Athens, and five (5) Regional Departments.


    The Central Administration is made up of a 15 member Executive Council and has its central office in Athens. The address is 47 Vasilisis Sofias Avenue p.c. 10676, tel: 210 3648044-048 and fax: 210 3648049. HRBN’s website is and email:


    The Regional Departments include:

    1stD. Attica & Aegean Islands : 47 Vasilisis Sofias Avenue, p.c. 10676, tel:210 3648044 and fax: 2103648049

    2ndD. Macedonia & Thrace: 11 Mavili St., Thessalonika, p.c. 54630, tel: 2310 522229 and fax: 2310 522219

    3rdD. Epirus, Aetoloakarnania, Ionian Islands & Peloponnese: 1 Ipatis and N.E.O Patra-Athens, Patra p.c. 26441, tel. and fax: 2610 423830

    4thD. Thessaly & Mainland Greece: 16 M. Alexandrou St., Larissa p.c. 41222, tel: 2410 284866 and fax: 2410 284871

    5thD. Crete: 116 Menelaou Parlama St., Irakleio p.c. 73105, tel: 2810 310366, 2810 311684 and fax: 2810 310014:


    All nurses are obliged to apply for registration at the nearest Regional Department. The application form requires a certified copy of the nurse’s degree and official identification, two colored photographs, the receipt from the bank statement for the amount of 35 €, a simple copy of the license to practice the nursing profession and other titles that the applicant might have are optional (postgraduate degrees, certificates for foreign languages, social activities etc.).

    All nurses are obliged to renew their subscription annually, in person or by post (not by fax) till the end of February, by handing in the appropriate statement to the nearest peripheral section. The statement should be handed in simultaneously with the annual subscription fee, which has been assigned to the amount of 30 € by the law 3252/2004.

    All nurses who register or renew their subscription to HRBN are given a Nursing Identity Card.


    The license to practice the nursing profession can be administered at the local prefecture by presenting the necessary documents and certification of registration at their HRBN Regional Department. When receiving the license to practice it is compulsory to present a copy to the Regional Department to which they belong.

    According to the law 3252/2004, whoever practices the nursing profession without a license to practice will be prosecuted according to the article 458 of the Greek penal code.

    Any individual of the Regional council or the board of directors can file a complaint for illegal practice of the nursing profession and thereafter must notify the judiciary authorities.

    In the case of a temporary disciplinary sentence or final disqualification from HRBN the license to practice is automatically suspended.


    HRBN is administered by the Assembly of Representatives and the Executive Council. The Regional Department is administered by the General Assembly and the Regional council.


    HRBN is a member of FEPI (European Council of Nursing Regulators) and keeps the treasury of the Executive Board. Members are Greece, Italy, France, Croatia, Romania, Albania and Serbia, Observer members are Poland, Hungary and Ireland, and associated members are the United States and the Canadian Nursing Boards of Ontario and Quebec. For more information please visit


    HRBN’s board of directors is elected by the Assembly of Representatives. The representatives are elected separately for each Regional Department by the members of the department’s General Assembly. The Regional Councils are elected in a similar way by the members of the Regional Department’s General Assembly.

    These elections take place every 3 years and Nurses that take part are members in good standing (subscription paid).


    The members of HRBN are initially submitted to a disciplinary check by the Regional Department, which also functions as a Disciplinary Council. The secondary disciplinary check, as well as the disciplinary check of the members of the board and the Regional Councils is executed by the supreme disciplinary council, whose president is the Supreme Court judge.


    HRBN created the “Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science” in 2008 which is its official journal. It is a multidimensional journal with an editorial committee which aims at the promotion of the nursing science in Greece.

    The “Hellenic Journal of the Nursing Science” is a reliable, modern, quarterly scientific journal which is published in Greek and English and is available in electronic and printed form. A nominal fee is offered to all interested researchers, university teaching staff, students and the entire nursing community in general as well as the tertiary university and technical level schools (Greek or foreign).

    Simultaneously it offers young scientists easy access to knowledge and the chance for nursing to progress, as well as a scientific step for the nurses who work in the academic area and the clinical area to publish their work and undergo some constructive criticism. The journal publishes research studies, reviews, original dissertations and book reviews.

    The papers that are published are credited in a manner that is regulated and certified by the Greek legislation according to international standards.


    HRBN created a monthly informative journal in 2008 “Rhythm of Health – Ρυθμός της Υγείας”, aiming at promoting and demonstrating each nurse as a unified psychosomatic and professional personality.

    The nurses in Greece have the need to solve primary issues that concern their profession as well as the need to express them, to communicate, to enjoy themselves and to demonstrate the diverse aspects of their social purpose.

    “Rhythm of Health - Ρυθμός της Υγείας” aims at uniting the voice of all nurses in the country and becoming an immediate and dependable form of communication, giving a chance to all voices of the professional community to be heard.


    With the collaboration of all its members HRBN aims at materializing and completing some important projects that are requested by the nursing community, some of which have already started being carried out:

    • The definition and cost assessment of nursing activities.
    • The creation of an open line of communication so as to record and solve the nursing problems.
    • The enhancement of international relations between Greek nurses and organizations, for and international institutes.
    • The creation of an electronic digital library which can be used free of charge by members of HRBN and to which the whole country will have access.
    • Will offer specific training and postgraduate courses.
    • The organizing of scientific congresses and day meetings with formal accreditation.
    • The formation of specific project committees such as a training committee, a documentation committee, a foreign affairs committee and an informative committee.
    • The creation of a network of experts on nursing issues and the provision of legal advice.
    • The creation and function of specialization programmes.
    • The certification of nursing specialties and nursing adequacy.


    Nurses can contact us:

    Tel: 2103648044, (8:00-15:00)

    Fax: 2103648049


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